Charlie Rice’s Books

“Fields For President” – First Edition Released 1939.

W.C. Fields, Fields For President, Charlie Rice, Charles D. Rice, This Week Magazine, Charles D. Saxon

“The Little Dog Who Wore Ear Muffs” – Illustrated by Charles Saxon – 1957

Charles D. Saxon’s Draft Illustration For “The Little Dog Who Wore Ear Muffs”

“What’s Funny About That?” – 1954

“Charlie Rice, of This Week magazine, is one of the few serious students of comicana around. One of his first contributions was to catalog briffits. Encouraged by the enthusiastic reception, he then tackled Squeans, which he categorized as “a loose-jointed asterisk.” He also touched on the Plewd, which is among the most useful cartoon symbols. Plewds are the little drops of sweat that shoot off people to indicate exertion, embarrassment, fear, or what-have-you. A variety of acceptable curse words are at the cartoonist’s disposal. He may throw in a new one from time to time, but the real meat of the epithet must always contain plenty of jarns, quimps, nittles, and grawlixes, as shown.”

– Mort Walker, “Backstage at the Strips”, Mason/Charter, New York, 1975

“Minty’s Magic Garden” – 1954

“What Makes You Tick” – 1958

“Challenge!” – 1968